Gravitational Waves + General Relativity

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Gravitational Waves + General Relativity Empty Gravitational Waves + General Relativity

Post by Jonathan Ainsley Bain on Sun May 22, 2016 6:18 pm

This article

is a deconstruction of gravitational waves and general relativity.


The most obvious problem is the event horizon of the black-hole. General Relativity claims that time itself slows down with increased gravity. Stephen Hawking and most other Astrophysicists claim that the surface gravity of the black-hole is so strong that anything trapped in this event horizon supposedly experiences infinite time.

A photon or any other object traveling at any velocity within the bounds of the event horizon at the edge of the black-hole cannot escape. This is because here time has slowed to an absolute standstill.

So how are gravitational waves expected to escape the event horizon?

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