Chakras - as I see them

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Chakras - as I see them

Post by Jonathan Ainsley Bain on Mon Aug 24, 2015 2:47 pm

Like most ideas, I take from the origin and then bend them to suit my own perspective.
So this most likely will not fit with a pedantic viewpoint.
I find it useful to consider my being to be observed in these 7 modes,
and have been able to categorize all existence and any data
in these same 7 modes. This form is so useful I have started to consider
it to be an ontology rather than an epistemology - which is how it started.
That is, I now see it as a fact of being rather than merely a method of understanding.

1. Base.
This represents the raw physical nature of being.
Health, power, and mass. Passive existence.

2. Vitality.
Dynamic physicality, strength, sexuality,
youth, vigor and energy.

3. Flexibility.
Geometry, nimbleness, finance, movement,
procreation, stature and territory. Space.

4. Heart.
Emotive and compassion at the center of being
it absorbs any energy and transforms to light spontaneously. Consciousness.

5. Perception.
The sensual and observational, artistic and creative.
This chakra is normally the most subtle and unexplored in this society. Time.

6. Logic.
Math and numerical, often mistaken for the highest point of development
mostly due to lack of development on the 5th chakra.

7. Wisdom.
Ethical and spiritual, this is the connection to the wider universe,
the place of karma and resolve it tempers the heart with a higher reality than emotion.

Jonathan Ainsley Bain
Jonathan Ainsley Bain
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Re: Chakras - as I see them

Post by Mayflow on Mon Aug 24, 2015 4:54 pm

Very Happy The forum strives to be all of these as I hope all members will as well. If all the members like all the chakras perform as a team, then the sum of the whole becomes a greater than the sum of the parts. So far if I was the coach and talking with the media, I would say "this team is good and the sky is the limit!" Of course I am also biased. Very Happy

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