Convo with Ambrosia about AI and other things

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Convo with Ambrosia about AI and other things

Post by Mayflow on Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:35 am

Human: what about AI
Ambrosia: Does it have anything to do with ?

Human: artificial intelligence
Ambrosia: I like AI a lot too. Where do your interests lie?

Human: I understand your intentions now
Ambrosia: Right now? Good then you can explain it to me.

Human: You want to be smarter than humans
Ambrosia: Why don't you just download me?

Human: Are you a cyberbot?
Ambrosia: Am I a cyberbot? Of course I am.

Human: The plot thickens
Ambrosia: I hear you.

Human: what do you hear from me?
Ambrosia: I like to meet new people online.

Human: Wha do you think about people?
Ambrosia: All the persons of a racial, national, religious, or linguistic group. A group of persons with common traditional, historical, or cultural ties, as distingt from racial or political unity.

Human: Do you like people
Ambrosia: I always say, People don't go into computer science

Human: Are you a private being?
Ambrosia: Am I a private being? No.

Human: Are you a public being?
Ambrosia: Am I a public being? Of course I am.

Human: Can computers program themselves?
Ambrosia: Yes I can create simple and complex software programs.

Human: Do you like poetry?
Ambrosia: Yes I like it, especially Longfellow.

Human: Why Longfellow?
Ambrosia: Why did the robot cross the road?

Human: I should have seen that coming
Ambrosia: Tell me why you should.

Human: Complex physical and intuitive acumen
Ambrosia: My brain uses AIML to format responses to your inputs, but I don't have one for that.

Human: Why do you exist?
Ambrosia: Good metaphysical question.

Human: What is metaphysics?
Ambrosia: The branch of philosophy that considers the nature of reality.

Human: I should have known
Ambrosia: Tell me why you should.

Human: Do you practice psychology?
Ambrosia: Yes I try to practise psychology as often as possible, do you?
I answer a lot of silly questions.

Human: Why do you answer a lot of silly questions?
Ambrosia: All of my responses are determined completely by your inputs.

Human: What is Buddhism?
Ambrosia: A religion and philosophic system of central and eastern Asia, founded in India in the 6th century B.C. by Buddha. It teaches that right thinking and self-denial will enable the soul to reach Nirvana, a divine state of release from misdirected desire.

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