Secrets of the skeletons

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Secrets of the skeletons Empty Secrets of the skeletons

Post by Mayflow on Sun Jun 21, 2015 10:38 am

Ok, so one day whilst walking alone in the forest so fair

I saw a skeleton lying there

Interested, by the skeletons bones I lied down,

and possibly on my face may there have been a  frown

Then the skeleton spoke to me,

Of course as you may imagine, I was a bit surprised.

The skeleton spoke these really odd words to me, which seemed so wise

It said “You know I was once like you, don't you”?

I replied “Yes that seems quite true”.

Oddly enough the skeleton seemed to go deep into thought then

and it said “One day you will be devoid of the flesh and blood too”

I said “Yes I know, so what happens then?”

“You will be a wise skeleton and to me

you will be a forever friend”

Thinking about this, I said “Well you know how it

eventually is, as in ashes to ashes and dust, so

even our bones will belong to the dust and the skies”

Ever seen a skeleton smile?

This skeleton did smile. Why, I don't know

Maybe it felt a deeper than bones truth in our words?

Then it said to me:

“Whenever you see any living thing,

please heed my wish,

and see the bones,

not just the flesh”.

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